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Megotouri offers a one-day tour in Kvemo kartli.The most beautiful of the Dasbashi canion and Berta Monastury.

Price: 25 a

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It details.

we will  travel from Tbilisi to Tsalka at 9 oclock on 15th of June .we will see conyon at Dashbashi ,Which will surprise you with its own beauty. finally you will visit The Berta Monastry, there were miravulous fishes .By  believing piligrams,If the fish will give you the right to touch ,This is a miracle .Anyone can arive in the pool.During the day we will have a picnic in the nature.Ariving time: to tbilisi at 21 pm .Please try to avoid pollution .we dont late the destination. We shoud  wear  sports  and warm clothes  . (Its also recommended to take  the second pair of shoes  shoes.